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1st-anniversary gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 21

Are you thinking about what to get your partner for our 1st anniversary?

Whether you're searching for a first-anniversary gift for your partner or shopping for a special couple in your life, Frame My Frock recommends choosing something representative of the wedding day to help make the first anniversary feel special. To help you we have come up with some ideas on how best to recreate your wedding day memories and feelings and impress your spouse!

Find Your Special Place

When you were planning your big day, you likely spent lots of time and effort researching the best spot to say I-Do. Whether that is your local place of worship, surrounded by your community, or a far-flung destination wedding. Chances are it was significant to you and your partner and when you return, great memories will come flooding back.

Why not relive the memories by taking a romantic walk around the grounds of your wedding venue or booking an afternoon tea, drink or dinner somewhere nearby? Revisiting the place where you got married is an excellent first-anniversary gift and will help you treasure the memories of your past as you build your future together. If you can't book a table, don't worry! An anniversary picnic could be a fun alternative for you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to grab some sandwiches or order your favourite takeaway and set up a blanket near your wedding venue. All that matters is that you get to enjoy your time together in your special setting.

couple on 1st-anniversary date

Plan a Loving Scavenger Hunt

If you and your partner are homebodies, nothing would make them happier than a cute scavenger hunt. Although this idea requires lots of creative thinking, it’s worth the effort. Once you see your partner running around the house with a big smile, your heart will melt. All you need for this idea is some sticky notes, a bunch of small prizes, and one larger prize. Try to come up with a list of significant places. Ideas for prizes do not have to be expensive, often the most treasured are thoughtful mementoes or trinkets. They might be things you had collected from your wedding day, maybe something old, new, borrowed and blue. Or maybe the grand prize is a printout of your vows that you can read to each other all over again. Once you have your prizes hidden, you can write some clues on your sticky notes outlining where they can be found. If you're creative why not write a little rhyme or poem, outlining your hiding place clues? Whatever you choose to hide, it will be the thought that counts. If you put your heart and soul into the task, they are sure to love it too!

Recreate Your Wedding Breakfast

If food is a big part of your relationship, preparing a homemade meal is the perfect way to show your partner that you care.

If you want to spoil them, you can try your hand at cooking an impressive meal with drinks, indicative of your wedding breakfast. Maybe you had a traditional 3-course meal that you can get your chef hat on and attempt to recreate by finding the recipe online. Or maybe you had an informal buffet or BBQ? Get your apron on and have a go. If cooking is really not your bag then there are countless options for home delivery boxes to get you started or even ready-prepped options that you can simply pop in the oven. It's all about the effort, if you have thought about what was memorable for your partner on their wedding day she will be overjoyed at the effort you have gone to!

Feel The Love

Are you overwhelmed by your love for your partner? You can show them by leaving wedding-day-themed surprises all over the house. Maybe you had a blush pink wedding theme that you can decorate your dining area with, or your bouquet was carefully selected with seasonal flowers (TIP - On your first wedding anniversary, the flowers will be in season again!) Your anniversary card can be a postcard from your wedding venue. Any way to decorate your house with the colours and themes from your wedding day will likely warm their heat.

Another cute idea is to write a bunch of things that you love about them on sticky notes. Then you can arrange those notes into a giant heart on the wall or your initials. You could also decorate the bathroom mirror with hearts and a message that says I love you. Even if they’re not a morning person, they’ll definitely wake up with a smile. Just remember to decorate with glass-friendly materials.

couple on 1st-anniversary date

Remember your Memories

Time flies when you’re having fun! Who knew that one day could lead to so many more beautiful moments?

Since anniversaries are all about celebrating your love, you can spend yours by going back to where it all started. Think hard and try to remember as many details about your wedding day as possible. This includes where you were, what you did, what you ate, what you wore, and what you said. You can start off by writing these in your anniversary card or a letter to your loved one.

Once you’ve refreshed your memory, No matter how long you’ve been a couple, this activity will give you butterflies all over again. This date idea is also an incredible conversation starter because both of you can share your favourite memories of your wedding day but also as a couple since you first met. You can reminisce about your past, fantasise about your future, and share what you love most about each other & your special day.

Wedding Movie Night

Movie dates are romantic. For the ultimate anniversary activity, you’ll need blankets, snacks, drinks, and a comfy place to set up camp. To keep things simple, you can make your front room into a romantic cinema, fill the room with candles and turn the lights down or for more adventurous couples charge your laptop and bring that outside (tip - you will need lots of blankets if it cold)

If you don’t have the means to organise this yourself, you could also go to a drive-in or see if a local park is hosting an outdoor movie night. Why not select wedding-themed rom-coms, not only can you watch the on-screen lovers fall for each other but you can remember your love for each other too. Take this idea to the next level, by building a blanket fort. Not only is the final result a great venue for your movie night, but the building process is a great way to work as a team.

couple on 1st-anniversary

Stay Over Night

There’s something about new environments that make life more exciting. If you want sparks to fly on your anniversary, consider booking a night at a romantic lodging inspired by your wedding. You could book the venue where you got married or if that isn't an option how about something similar? Perhaps you had a barn-style wedding, if so find a night away with a similar vibe. Was your wedding the outdoorsy or adventurous type? If so, a camping trip could be the best opportunity to explore nature during the day and cuddle up by a fire at night. Perhaps you eloped somewhere magical that you could revisit? Don’t forget to mention to the staff that you’re celebrating your anniversary. If you’re lucky, they’ll throw in some free wine or other fancy perks to make your stay more memorable. Whatever you plan, getting time together just the two of you is bound to feel special.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you could tell your entire love story in one scrapbook. This activity is a touching way to reminisce about all of the highlights of your life together so far.

As a team, sift through all of the photos you’ve taken and choose some of the most important ones. If they’re digital, make sure you get printed copies. Next, head over to a craft store to pick out a scrapbook along with decorating materials.

When you’re home, you can decide how you want to organize your photos. You could go in chronological order, establish different themes, or find another unique method that captures the beauty of your relationship.

Don’t forget to write heartfelt captions, funny memories, and wishes for the future. Once your book is complete, you can make it a tradition to flip through it each anniversary to see how much you’ve grown since then. This is one of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts that your partner will appreciate at any stage of your relationship.

Wow with Vows

Printing out your vows out and having them framed, or reading them out loud to one other will surely be a great way to rekindle the special promises you made to each other. Evolving past the honeymoon phase isn’t actually a bad thing. Instead of getting butterflies all of the time, you feel secure and comfortable together. Growing as a couple is like growing into the same person. fall in love all over again. Reading your vows will make you remember how great it felt when everything was new and exciting.

couple on wedding day

Learn Something New

Did you know that couples who try new things are happier? When you experiment and learn together, you also bond. Another bonus is that you may discover a new hobby the two of you can do as a couple throughout your entire relationship.

The world is a big place, which means there are plenty of exciting things waiting for you. With so many options available, you should talk about your greatest passions with your partner. Whatever you do make it relevant to your wedding day, Maybe attend a cookery school to learn how to make your wedding meal or a flower arranging class where you can recreate your wedding floral displays. Once you find a mutual goal, research different ways you can learn that new skill together. It may feel intimidating at first, but couples who learn together, stay together.

Get Dressed Up for a Night on the Town

Many couples who are in a long-term relationship have a tendency to stay in more. Although going out is fun, there’s nothing more special than finding a partner who loves cuddling on the couch in pyjamas while binge-watching your favourite show.

Since anniversaries only happen once a year, you should take advantage of this occasion to do something fancy. Get dressed in your best clothes and go do something unique. Use this as an excuse to dig out your old wedding outfits (Maybe not the wedding dress) but perhaps you could dig out your wedding suit or maybe if your wife wore a 2nd party dress that can be worn too!

Some activities could include going to a club, watching a play, attending an opera, or joining a wine-tasting tour. Do some research on some of the best attractions in your area and treat your partner to a fun night out.

Frame her wedding dress as 1st-anniversary gift

If you are looking for a truly unique anniversary gift for her, one of the best things about reaching your 1st wedding anniversary is the chance to look back and remember your beautiful wedding day. Chances are you had the best day surrounded by your most loved friends and family and your bride likely felt the most beautiful she ever has wearing a lovingly selected (and expensive) wedding dress! What better way to impress your wife on your anniversary than by framing her perfect wedding dress? Frame My Frock has made it easy for you to order a frame online, so when it's fixed to your wall she can hang her dress inside. For more information about framing a wedding dress visit

Frame her wedding dress as 1st-anniversary gift

Say I Love You

With these romantic anniversary ideas, you’ll be sure to make your partner feel like the luckiest person in the world. No matter what budget or lifestyle you have, there are always a million ways to show that you care. Remember, the best gift you can give is your love. So remember to tell your partner how much you love them. Everything else is a happy bonus!

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