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Sustainable Wedding Dress Framing & Protecting our Planet

Updated: Jan 21

At Frame My Frock we care about preserving precious memories of the past but also protecting our planet for the future.

At Frame My Frock we care about preserving precious memories of the past but also protecting our planet for the future.
Sustainable wedding dress framing

Wedding dresses are beautiful but are often made from different fabrics, such as chiffon and tulle. Chiffon for example is made from polyester-like fabrics, which are not biodegradable – it can take up to two years for materials like this to decompose. The fact is your wedding dress is only worn once. Your wedding dress could be the most planet-unfriendly piece of clothing you’ll ever buy! This leads to a huge waste of resources and a significant impact on the environment with hundreds of thousands of dresses ending up in landfill each year.

By choosing the frame of your dress, you have already chosen to save it from a life in Landfill and recycle it into a piece of art. That's something we want you to feel great about! So we too are doing our best to make each part of our frame production as sustainable.

This is what we are doing so far...

  • All our raw materials, are sourced in the UK. By buying British there isn't a need for goods to be shipped vast distances helping us to minimise our carbon footprint and support the UK economy.

  • We use water-based paint with a low VOC content. By using this paint we minimise carbon-containing unstable compounds that are capable of vaporising into the air and creating harmful pollution. We never compromise on quality so our low VOC paint is even more long-lasting and durable than high VOC alternatives and has the added benefit that it is easier to clean.

  • Our expert team of framers follow the framer guild guidelines for sustainable practices. All the framing materials we use are conservation standards to ensure the wedding dress is protected and preserved. We use suppliers that promote responsible forest management worldwide and have product certification by the Forest Stewardship Council.

  • Our trusted delivery partners offset their carbon emissions. This helps to eliminate the amount of net carbon dioxide created and then funds ecosystems that support protecting the planet.

We know we can always improve, so we are constantly looking to minimise our impact by researching new processes and finding more sustainable materials. So thank you for choosing Frame My Frock. Together we are one step closer to a more sustainable wedding dress framing industry and an eco-conscious future!

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