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How to frame your wedding dress


*Things to note before you start installing your frame.


  • (A) Be sure you use the appropriate fixing method to create a secure wall fixing for your type of wall. For example, a plasterboard wall will need a different fixing method than a brick or wood wall.

  • (B) For extra security, we have included an optional 3rd fix for the base. If you choose to use this, you will need to measure the height of your skirting board and screw the fixing into you the base when the product is lying on its side. Take care to allow for the depth and height of your skirting board. (Recommended in houses with small children or where there is a risk the frame may be pulled out from the wall by the feet)

  • (C) When picking the perfect position for your frame the floor should be level and strong enough to take the weight of 35kg plus the weight of your dress. For best preservation, the frame should be displayed in an area away from direct sunlight, intense heat, or high humidity.

  • (D) The box is heavy. You will need two people to help get it into position. Take extra care not to put sideways pressure on the feet when manoeuvring.

Step-by-step installation process.



  1. Un-package the box and frame from the delivery packaging. Take extra care not to flex the frame or break the fragile glass.

  2. Screw the feet into the base of the box.

  3. Once you have found the perfect location for your frame, it’s time for the box to be positioned against your wall. (FYI the box has been designed to be counterweighted and lean against the wall on its own. However, we do advise you to have someone on hand to hold the box while you're securing it)

  4. To level the box frame, rotate the feet individually.

  5. Once the box is level, screw the top two fixings to the wall and cover with supplied caps. *Refer to note (A)

  6. If you have chosen to use fixing 3, fix this to the wall or skirting board and cover with supplied caps. *Refer to note (B)

  7. Now your frame is fixed securely to the wall it’s time to hang your dress inside. TIP - the hanger should be rotated 90 degrees to fit the gap.

  8. Arrange your dress and accessories inside the box. TIP - Any small stains or rips can be hidden in a fabric fold & don’t forget to pin up your train.

  9. Once you’re happy with your display, it’s time to clean the frame. A soft micro-fiber cloth is all you need to clean the frame and inside the box.

  10. To hang the frame, it can be lifted by one person however you may find it easier with two. Simply lift the frame and align the wooden dowels into the slot in the box base.

  11. Slide the frame left or right to align the black fixings on the top of the display together & push to secure. TIP - If your dress has a fuller skirt, you may find having a 2nd person on hand to stop the dress from getting caught is useful. 

  12. Secure the hooks on the left and right of the frame and clip the supplied plastic caps on the back of the top black pins. 

  13. Finally step back and admire your beautifully framed wedding dress.

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